The astronomical conjunction of Venus-Jupiter during the last week of February 1999 : to put you directly in touch with planetary energies.

The other evening I was about to shut my office after sundown. The moon was due south and just in front of me. My eyes were drawn to the west where two particularly brilliant and luminous lights were shining rather like an airplane. But I couldn't hear anything and the lights did not move as an airplane would have done. I went back in and checked on the Quintile chart which was on my Mackintosh the planetary positions.

diagram of the conjunction

The moon was at its zenith, the sun having gone under the horizon and no longer visible, Saturn and Mercury were invisible to the naked eye, but the two planets linked shone with thousands of lights. It was in fact the conjunction of Venus-Jupiter which was visible to the naked eye, with Venus being particularly brilliant. In reality these two planets are thousands of kilometers away from each other but, in relation to the earth are in the same alignment (cross in the center of the cosmography of the moment)  and appear to us to be one on top of the other. This is what is called a conjunction. ChronoDynamie® takes this planetary force into account in order to identify the practical consequences for human beings.

The cosmographic conjunction of  Venus-Jupiter in February 1999, visible in Europe,  shows that most of the planets (at the moment when I spotted this conjunction in the sky) were situated towards the west. The calculations made from these positions shows a maximum of energy in the second part of the day as "C/D day" demonstrates for the hour when I saw this conjunction

A person born at this time will be more energetic at the end of the day rather than the beginning. Their motivation will be strong during daylight time, but this is only a substitute energy linked to the opposing forces of all the planets. During the rotation of the earth on itself, the symbolic sun will be in opposition to the Moon at midnight, then in the night to Saturn, then to Venus-Jupiter, then to Mercury, then to the Sun, and in the morning to Uranus, Neptune, at  midday to Pluto, in the afternoon to Mars.... These oppositions will introduce a lot of stress... though by working along the line of planetary energy during the afternoon and evening, the person will find it easier to react naturally.
Many people had difficulty in sleeping at night during this week as the energy level was high, particularly as the moon was also rising in the sky.

This conjunction demonstrates how ChronoDynamie® works and puts you directly in touch with planetary energies and great cosmic rhythms.


Marie-Hélène Le Doze

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