ChronoDynamie® is a neologism created in 1992 from the Greek khronos (time) and dynamis (strength), the latter having given the Latin:

- dynamia, ae, f. effectiveness (of medicines): ISID, 4.10.3.

- dynamica, es, f. dynamic (science of strength): FULG, Myth, 3.10.

- dynamis, is, f. large quantity, abundance: PL, Pseud. 211; ii) square of a number (power): ARN, 2.24

In English: dynamic, dynamism, dynamist, dynamite, dynamo, etc.

ChronoDynamie® (C/D "Carpe Diem") is a registered trade mark created by Marie-Hélène Le Doze, national n° (INPI): 94524706, and is a new management concept linked to the knowledge of individual rhythms allowing time and human energy optimization.

ISID: ISIDORUS, Bishop of Seville, 6th-7th century AD.

FULG: FULGENTIUS, African, 5th century AD


ARN: ARNOBIUS, African administrator, 2nd-3rd century AD.

Source: Dictionnaire illustré Félix Gaffiot Latin-Français, Librairie Hachette, Paris, 1934.

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"Carpe Diem", pluck the day, profit from the passing moment.
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