by Marie-Hélène Le Doze

(translated by Penny Dulling)

The key to ChronoDynamie® resides in the correspondence of the hour of your birth with the degree of the sun on the seasonal ecliptic circle. This key enables the calculation of all the most important hours of your day and controls your individual rhythms. 

It is your natural rhythms which will be spontaneously followed without constraint, the rhythms which you sometimes feel when you are in a state of grace, when energy is circulating in the right direction in your life.
ChronoDynamie® helps you to become aware of your different energy fields and to use them every day, practically every minute of your life, in harmony with yourself and with other people.

It is essential to know oneself in order to organize your work and, more simply, to manage your life. In books on management it's said "respect your rhythm, respect your personal clock", but there is never any information as how to know this rhythm, this clock. ChronoDynamie® meets this need.

You will get to know your energy rhythms from tables and graphs, you will be able to organize your work to the best of your interests, taking account of your limitations and possibilities.
You will find serenity again, natural sleep and the pleasure of achieving your aims, fulfilling your obligations with less effort and in less time than previously.

ChronoDynamie® uses to some extent traditional astrological data, but this is not applied in the same way. It does not attempt to define personality or the character of a person. It does not try to predict what will happed to anyone. It analyses the extent of personal energy during the course of the day, the week and the year. It can thus define the best directions to be taken in daily life, here and now. It is a practical and material interpretation of the position of the planets in the birth sky (cosmography), linked to the sun's radiation giving light, heat and energy.

A specific valorization technique

ChronoDynamie® uses a very specific technique regarding the valorization of the planets, sectors, signs and aspects. This valorization enables us to know what planetary energy influences a person at a certain time of day, what the favorable sectors are at the same moment and also how a person can use these energies in particular sectors of activity: if the action will be easy or difficult, if the person receives influences which are more or less stressful, if they will be motivated sufficiently to go beyond their limits, if outside circumstances will be preponderant or if the person will be able to call upon his/her energy reserves, though with a chance of becoming ill

Above all, I would not like there to be any confusion between these different existing valorization  techniques and mine. If these techniques had proved to me to be entirely satisfactory, I would not have invented mine. ChronoDynamie® stemmed from the frustration I felt when applying astrology in my daily life and the lives of my clients. I am completely satisfied with my system which has been set up and tested since 1992 as it has been able to respond to serious cases which remained inexplicable through traditional astrology.

The earth's  movement

In order to understand the mechanisms of ChronoDynamie® it is essential to feel the movement of the earth on its own axis: when you see the sun rise on the horizon your know, of course, that it is not the sun which is rising but the earth which turns every 24 hours or so. The sun lights up successively different regions of the world like it shines in each room of a house according to its position from east to west.

Astrology studies the passage of the sun and the planets throughout the year. The reading of the chart is made anti clockwise. ChronoDynamie® works in a clockwise direction (or hourly direction). The perception of the sun's rays on the earth enabled  man in antiquity to invent the sun-dial, which gave rise to mechanical watches which were a miniature materialization of the sun's movement during the day.

We know that the earth is not the center of the world since the time of Galileo, but the earthly horizon has always determined our personal field of vision, we are still staring at our navels and we are always at the center of our own little world.
Cosmography draws the chart of the sky at the time of our birth as presented around our center (navel).

Day of birth vibration

For ease of expression and through convention we say that the sun passes from one sign to another during the course of the day, or from one sector to another, even though we know that it is the earth which is turning and not the sun.

The basis of ChronoDynamie® is the vibration of the day of birth, in a  practically musical sense of the term. The rhythm will evolve during the day according to the aspect of the sun in relation to the planets which, each day at the same time, will recreate the aspects at birth, but very quickly, from a few minutes to a maximum of two hours, all aspects attenuating or terminating as soon as the sun passes into another sign. The different speeds of ascension of signs are not taken into account as their calculation is too complicated.

We keep to Universal Time, which has regulated our lives since 1881 and which divides the Earth into 24 time zones of 15°: the sun moves into each 30° sign in two hours, each time zone corresponding to one hour. 

Cosmic resonance

Solar activity in relation to the  planetary position of the day of birth creates an echo effect with the earth's magnetic field. I discovered that each person had a personal rhythm, during the day and during life, as a number of other persons born at the same time on earth. This discovery, made initially on a symbolic plane, corresponds to a principle of reality which is lived with greater consciousness.

Dr. Percy Seymour, an English astronomist, studies this echo and its beat. His theory is that biological clocks synchronized with the earth's magnetic field in relation to planetary positions exist.

ChronoDynamie® meets up with this theory because, by using solar activity on a daily basis, it reveals these cosmic clocks and traces their graphs and energy potential.

All this will no doubt be proved in years to come...

Marie-Hélène Le Doze


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