Author's personal experience of moon phases during hormonal substitution treatment at the menopause

by Marie-Helene Le Doze

It was not becoming old I found difficult to accept, but the idea of taking a hormonal substitution treatment during pre-menopause, which came about when I was relatively young at the age of 45, in the same year that I set up ChronoDynamie®. What was natural seemed of priority to me and so my becoming old seemed natural too. At first I took a food supplement in the form of selenium in capsules made by Fénioux Laboratories (Chatellerault-France). I took this at my top time : I put up with hot flushes by imagining myself on a tropical beach. 

But a bit later my allopathic doctor friend convinced me that with the asthma precedents and with the cortisone treatment that I had had to follow since my youth to offset the more severe crises, had made me particularly in danger of developing osteoporosis later.
I therefore followed the treatment set up by the gynaecologist, taking the capsules and gel at certain moments of the month.
But other problems came to the front which were far more serious in the present: circulation problems which gave me atrocious suffering.
I went to see the surgeon who refused to operate on my legs...because he said he saw a lot of bad side effects, particularly circulation problems, on patients taking substitution treatment. He advised me to consult my gynaecologist again and reduce the treatment. 

I first of all reduced the doses and took them at my most favorable hours in ChronoDynamie® (GOOD HOURS), and I felt better in fact; as I was no longer afraid of having to have an operation for varicose veins and I didn't have so many hot flushes.
When running through the prescriptions relating to my treatments I thought they corresponded to moon phases, rather like when  taking the contraceptive  pill. I consequently adapted my treatment to moon phases in the same way

schema of the moon month

I start the treatment at the new moon. I take the estrogen gel alone during the first two quarters. In addition I take the progesterone capsules from full moon to the last quarter. I let my body rest during the last quarter up to the moon when I start the treatment again.

This treatment is easy to follow as the moon phases are noted in all good calendars and the changes in moon phases are visible in the sky and at full moon are a reminder that it is time to take the progesterone capsules. I like this message from above, this intimate relationship with the heavens.

This is my personal experience. I can't explain it, but I have been experimenting it satisfactorily over a number of years; I feel fine, have no side effects which, for me, is the only thing that counts.
For me, my personal experience is more convincing than all scientific demonstrations. I believe in which I see and I see the moon changing each quarter of the month. I have rediscovered my deep feminity by continuing to have this secret conversation with it although my monthly cycle has changed. And instead of feeling diminished in my seductive powers as a woman, I feel enriched by ancestral wisdom which gives me profound serenity.

Marie-Hélène Le Doze

The Moon's Phases during the Month

Moon's Phases dates for 2003


Conception and graphics by Marie-Hélène Le Doze. Prograamation by Yves Anciant. Translated by Penelope Dulling.
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