The ChronoDynamie® technique allows you to find the best personal hours for your treatments, for taking medicine, phytotherapy capsules, homeopathic pills, food complements or vitamins, or for any appointment for treatment diagnosed and prescribed by your medical advisers (chiropractor, ostheopathist, physiotherapist, analyslist, cosmetologist, sport coach...).

ChronoDynamie® is not a medical method. It does not replace your doctor or your therapists. But it relays and amplifies their action. Your treatments will be more effective if you take them at your personal times. These hours are indicated in the table for winter and summer times.

ChronoDynamie® can help you avoid taking certain treatments uselessly and consequently avoid costly expenditure on superfluous medicines. By taking your medicines at the "right time" you decrease the quantity of the product needed and obtain better results. By managing your health better you respect your own nature and you protect Mother Nature.
ChronoDynamie®, neologism invented in 1992, from the Greek khronos, time, and dynamis, strength, large quantity, abundance, power , the last having given the Latin dynamia, ae, f., dynamia, efficiency [of medicine] of ISIDORUS, bishop of Seville, 6th and 7th century AD.
ChronoDynamie® (C/D "Carpe Diem") is a registered trade mark INPI french national number : 94524706, new management concept link to the knowledge of individual rhythms for the optimization of time organization and human energy.

N.B. The author and the editor can not be held responsible for the use or abuse of ChronoDynamie® through the techniques and advice given here. C/D® is not a medical method and can in no way be considered a substitute for any prescribed therapy or treatment. It is a complementary management tool which allows for a better use of all existing techniques by applying them to the relevant hours, days and periods. A personal service.

Explanations by Marie-Helene Le Doze, author of ChronoDynamic System

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