elements in the sky whose position at the time of birth can define different possibilities and personal or social ways of expression. Planets evolve on the ecliptic crown according to the seasonal zodiac through:


monthly structures having numerous tones throughout the year, these being more or less important according to the:


differentiated sectors of life following the means of expression of the planets which are to be found there, linked to each other by:


conjunctional relations, sextile, square, in quincunx or opposition between the points of the theme, evolving during the day, the month, the year and throughout life according to:


types of relation between planets at any given moment on the planets or the points of the birth cosmography.

 SUN  personality, radiance
 MOON  feelings, interior life, popularity, remembrance
 MERCURY  communication, exchange, short journeys, commerce
 VENUS  love, charm, creation
 MARS  energy, agressivity

SOCIAL PLANETS symbolizing:
 JUPITER  expansion, plenitude
 SATURN  concentration, elimination, search for the essential
 URANUS  enthusiasm, innovation
 NEPTUNE  inspiration, spirituality, evasion
 PLUTO  crises, restructuring


DAYS OF THE WEEK, planets highlighted
 TUESDAY   Mars and Pluto
 WEDNESDAY   Mercury and Uranus
 THURSDAY   Jupiter
 FRIDAY  Venus and Neptune
 SATURDAY   Saturn


VENUS and MERCURY - two ways of communication

 VENUS, right hemisphere: SUBTLE MIND
 Venus TAURUS,  cortex right hemisphere
 Venus LIBRA,  limbic right hemisphere

 MERCURY, left hemisphere: GEOMETRIC MIND
 Mercury, GEMINI,  limbic left hemisphere
 Mercury, VIRGO,  cortex left hemisphere




 ARIES  21 March to 19 April  Energy of action, initiative, beginnings, launching projects
 TAURUS  20 April to 19 May  Energy of construction, elaboration, accumulation
 GEMINI  20 May to 21 June  Energy of communication, exchange, intellectual studies
 CANCER  22 June to 22 July  Energy of sensation, impression, revision, memoirs, rest
 LION  23 July to 22 August  Energy of expression, radiance, creation, form, sport, holidays
 VIRGO  23 August to 22 September  Energy of organization, planning, return
 LIBRA  24 September to 23 October  Energy of exchange, mediation, relationships
 SCORPIO  24 October to 22 November  Energy of transformation, restructuring, reinsertion
 SAGITTARIUS   23 November to 22 December  Energy of exporting, administration, evolution
 CAPRICORN  23 December to 20 January  Energy of rigor and obstination in achieving aims
 AQUARIUS  21 January to 19 February  Energy of foresight, invention, future perspectives
 PISCES  20 February to 20 March  Energy of testing, return to oneself, universal fusion

WARNING: These different indications give you the essential keywords. They represent a certain number of possibilities, but never what is going to happen. You always have a choice.

This said: During the succession of different energies, you should bear in mind what could be too negative and deflect you from your aims.

DURING ENERGY: (this can be used during the day, with your chrono-cosmography)

 CAPRICORN  Don't be too hard.
 SAGITTARIUS Don't look too far ahead.
 SCORPIO  Don't destroy everything.
 LIBRA  Don't be too superficial.
 VIRGO  Don't split hairs.
 LION  Don't imagine that you're God.
 CANCER  Don't ask for too much.
 GEMINI  Don't run around ineffectively.
 TAURUS  Don't keep putting things off.
 ARIES Don't leave too fast.
 PISCES  Don't let yourself be invaded or overworked, or too disorganized
 AQUARIUS  Don't be too independent.

Marie-Hélène Le Doze

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