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Quality of the personalized service :
Calculations are made for you by a specially developed software.  Results are presented to you in the form of graphs in color.

Delivery : processing in the week (in 48 hours if possible).

Informations which you give me will remain strictly confidential and used for your order only.


a) Payment with your Credit Card :

You are connected to the secured bank server of Credit Mutuel de Bretagne.

Payment by  SSL  page with your banking card VISA , EUROCARD or MASTERCARD.(valid national or international bank cards).
Payment in Euros is converted into foreign currency by the international banking center on the day of dealing with the transaction.

NB : In case of reject of your credit card by the bank, update your browser at http://www.verisign.com/server/cus/rootcert/webmaster.html

b) Payment via SWIFT money transfer :

Ask me for my INTERNATIONAL BANKING DETAILS via SWIFT money transfer in DOLLARS USD $ or EUROS.marie-helene@chronodynamie.com. I'll send you bu mail the link to my secured site.

c) Payment via International Postal Mandat :

Ask me for my POSTAL ADRESS marie-helene@chronodynamie.com.

Customer requirements and satisfaction:

This personalized service will accompany you all your life. I will remain close to you, your family and your company.
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