Birth data

The Sundial of your birth day
ChronoDynamie® is set up as from the position of the sun during the day in relation to the month and season of your birth. The basis is a virtual form of sundial. Its position gives a certain type of diurnal or nocturnal rhythm.

Hour of birth
The hour of birth is essential for establishing ChronoDynamie® graphs. 
Please check this on your birth certificate if indicated. It should be as accurate as possible. It is not possible to calculate your ChronoDynamie® precisely without having this essential information.
We cannot be held responsible for mistakes due to erroneous information.

Place of birth
The place of your birth is important as it fixes the legal hour of the time zone of birth. Converted into present legal time in winter time and/or summer time, it will enable you to follow your personal time.


In the example : Nocturnal Rhythm in France.  


Birthplace and residence
You may live far from your birthplace, in another country, in another time zone, or under another latitude. In this case, please specify the country in which you live. The chart will be different and your rhythms will be different. It is vital to kow that to have the best day organization (see below).

 In the example : Diurnal Rhythm in California (USA)


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