ChronoDynamie® Agency

ACD "Carpe Diem"

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Teleservice for Time Management, personal and professional organization

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Legal status : liberal consulting service

Created : February 20, 1995

N° SIRET : 338 521 917 00033

Code NAP : 741G
(Business and Management Consulting Service)

N° TVA Intercommunautaire : FR 13 338 521 917

Fax : (33) 02 98 39 70 88

The agency does not have a public office: ChronoDynamie® services have been set up for worldwide distribution by mail and internet

Director : Marie-Hélène Le Doze

Polyvalent sociologist and author of ChronoDynamie®
Researcher-Consultant in time management
Degrees in Human and Social Sciences from French universities:
Paris Sorbonne, Paris-8 Vincennes (1964-74).

The research and development of the ChronoDynamie® management concept is self-funding.

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