Lose weight according to your rhythm

Follow your ChronoDynamie® which will allow you at a minimum charge a much healthier life style which will often help you to regain your natural balance. But we have often noticed that certain life styles can be harmful to the good form we are all seeking.

According to our observations:

We put on weight through eating during low periods of daily graph:
This is a very widespread attitude because we generally use our energy for working and we eat when resting. But by eating during low periods we stock our calories.
Over a year it has been observed that we put on weight when the yearly graph is low.

Weight is lost by taking our meals when the daily form graph is high: all the calories are burned when using our energy.
Over a year, weight will be lost when the yearly graph form rises.

These results are linked to empiric and experimental observations. They do not guarantee you the validity of your personal diet. And no diet should be carried out without appropriate medical supervision. All this is to be ascertained by you. Send us your observations: chrono@chronodynamie.com. You will help us improve our services. 

To lose weight with minimal risk:

Take your meals when your daily graph form is high
. Do not nibble when the daily graph form is low.

Be careful not to eat too much when your yearly graph is low as you will stock and build up  reserves without burning your energy.

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