Good form in your daily life

*MARIE-HELENE LE DOZE (time management consultant) is the author of a new management concept linked to an understanding of individual rhythms which allow the optimization of human time and energy.

Born in 1946, having 3 children. Studied in Law, Philosophy, Sociology at PARIS-SORBONNE and PARIS-VIII-VINCENNES (France). ChronoDynamie® is the result of her research concerning time management of human resources, and creativity by the optimization of life potential.

"I was always backward in the first half of my life and  was very perturbed. I felt obliged to invent a practical tool to offset my own problems regarding time-lags and desynchronization in timetables. I looked for new organizational methods in work time (and for leisure activities). The results went beyond my hopes. I managed to recover my very deteriorated life force by following my C/D®. I finally knew what it meant to be on form and full of life. I now do a lot of things in 3 or 4 hours where previously they  took me 10 or 12. I finished off in three years what I hadn't completed in thirty... Above all, I can face up to difficulties better than before. And I don't lose sight of my goals whatever happens."

The aims of C/D.
To highlight your energy variation graph during the course of the day, the week or the year. To help you organize your time at work and your leisure better. To propose a personal framework in which to live in better contact with others.
The best renewable energy is first of all your own.
Your life can be optimized every day thanks to this new time management method which allows you to know and respect your personal rhythms.
You can't change time, but you can use it better.


C/D TRIAL (free) to try-and-true ChronoDynamie®.
You will get an idea of your DAILY CYCLE and the presentation of our services before making a definite order.

C/D DAY: a better organization of your day.
Precise personal hours (0h08, 1h08 or other minutes); your detailed daily rhythm so you can become aware of your high form times and your low energy periods, presented in a synoptic table indicating the 6 graphs of ChronoDynamie®: Form/Motivation, Activity/Efficiency, Stress/Optimism.

C/D YEAR: a better organization of your year.
Your detailed yearly rhythm in order to know your MONTHS of GOOD FORM and your MONTHS of least RESISTANCE, presented in a synoptic table indicating the 6 graphs of ChronoDynamie®: Form/Motivation, Activity/Efficiency, Stress/Optimism (basic rhythm valid throughout your life but subject to variations according to the year).

C/D WEEKLY: Your optimal week.

(available through free downloading for ChronoDynamie® clients. A detailed brochure aimed at everyone so you can use your ChronoDynamie® to the maximum benefit. One brochure per family is sufficient.

CHRONO KIT, DAY, SEASONS, WEEK, your precise personal hours (these can be 0h08, 1h08, 2h08 etc.) colored calculations and graphs for daily and seasonal cycles concerning your form (comparison of form and motivation), plus the details of your form according to the time of day and the seasons (activity - efficiency) + evolution of your humor during the course of the day and the seasons (stress - optimism) + plus a summary of instructions.
(fees on sliding scale for families)

Lose weight according to your rhythm to minimize the risks in following a diet. International journeys, circumnavigation, tourism, business, sport, show-bizz to minimize the risks in traveling in other time zones.


ENERGY PLUS : best moments for fitness

N.B. The author and the editor can not be held responsible for the use or abuse of ChronoDynamie® through the techniques and advice given here. C/D is not a medical method and can in no way be considered a substitute for any prescribed therapy or treatment. It is a complementary management tool which allows for a better use of all existing techniques by applying them to the relevant hours, days and periods. A personal service.

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"Carpe Diem", pluck the day, profit from the passing moment.
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