In  order to avoid jet lag, we can calculate your ChronoDynamie® for each time zone. When you arrive in another country you set your watch to local time, but your body  fights against this change in hours. By having a calculation of your ChronoDynamie® for your destination time zone,  your internal clock is set at the right time and you will be able to adapt your actions to your possibilities without risk or failure. You will be more effective than your competitors since you know how to resynchronize yourself to the optimum. This time management system enables you to apply the methods advised by therapeutics, such as exposure to sun, etc. in an even more efficient way.

For circumnavigators, participants in around-the-world competitions - you can avoid breakdowns.
You have an extra trick up your sleeve because, if you've got to rely on your equipment, it is just as important to know how to manage your sleeping hours or the essential decompression time for confronting spin drift, tension and competition stress.
To know when you must rest and when you can go to the optimum of your strength can make a great difference - a vital difference!

To realign you rhythm and your timetables in relation to the time zone crossed is just as important for businessmen as it is for sports persons or musicians and artists whose international programs take them anywhere on the planet...It is also important for  tourists who will appreciate better their trip abroad.

Refer to the different time zones for Florence Arthaud, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Lady Diana or Prince Charles in the examples of celebrities studied through ChronoDynamie®. celebrities

Persons using TIME ZONE KITS will benefit from special files in order to calculate time differences according to their destination zones: free on loading  (documents drawn up by ACD Carpe Diem available).
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