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We're giving you some ChronoDynamie examples concerning celebrities, the sort of people who hit the headlines or are characters in our stories, our cultures, our news, the sort of people who generate dreams, give us good examples, are our guides, lighthouses, stars, or, conversely, make us complain, make us think and act.


These ChronoDynamu® calculations take account of parameters which include my personal observations and the (auto)biographies of these leading personalities in history whose time schedule was known to fifteen minutes exactitude.


You can compare your graphs with theirs and lose all your complexes!

 space adventurer : JL Chrestien  Navigators : Tabarly, Colas, Artaud
 French Republic presidents  American presidents
Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton,
 Politicians (ministers, counselors...)  Rich and well-known... : Bill Gates
 Painters : Vincent, Leonard, Picasso, Mondrian  Writers :Yourcenar, Alain, Balzac, Verne, Marx...
 Musicians : Dylan, Wagner, Elvis, Mozart  Cinema stars : James Dean
 Sports : Cassius Clay  Scientists : Einstein
 Princes and Princesses : Lady Diana, Charles  
Examples given with C/D DAY-EXPRESS

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