PROFITABLE STUDIES with ChronoDynamie®

A new personal organizational tool for high-school, college and university students. You need to be efficient throughout the year, knowing how to manage your strengths during the day and how to organize both your work projects and your leisure activities.

So as not to panic and say to yourself two months before an exam: "It' too late, I'll never have enough time to do everything!", use ChronoDynamie® and keep your good habits...all your life!
Did you know that by working for four hours at the right moment (for you) you will absorb as much information as you would in forcing yourself to work for eight hours without conviction. Your free time can be devoted to culture, sport and leisure without a guilty conscience.

ChronoDynamie® has been established to help young people become better organized. Marie-Hélène Le Doze, author of the ChronoDynamie® concept and a researcher in Human and Social Sciences says:

"My second daughter had a lot of problems in adapting herself to the school system. She had a breakdown at 14 and had to follow correspondence courses provided by the French national education system. To avoid her complete disintegration, I looked for a personal organization system for her so she could manage her efforts and her time. She was subsequently able to reintegrate high school and obtained good marks, passing the final baccalaureate examination easily. She is now enjoying life, is doing well at university and looks forward to her future cheerfully. "

"My other daughter didn't have any specific problems but wanted to be more efficient in order to do more during the day -to read, go to the cinema, practice Tai-chi... She went through school and university without difficulty, working without stress or panic - with pleasure even.
At first, I drew up this method to help my daughters (and myself) to solve our problems of organization in work and time management. The results have been so successful that I decided to place ChronoDynamie® at everyone's service."

The first "test pilot" of C/D® used it from the age of 16 and obtained an exceptionally high grade in her final baccalaureate exam (scientific section) which was the best in the region.
She said: "ChronoDynamie® enabled me to organize my day. I didn't get the impression that I was working a lot, but I did everything there was to do at the right time". Since then she has gone on to do medical studies, and at the same time is involved in leisure and humanitarian activities, managing her career without sacrificing her personal life.

ChronoDynamie® shows if your are a day type: your highlights of form are during the daytime between sunrise and sunset. It' s the easiest type to live with because it corresponds to human activity standards.

ChronoDynamie® shows if you are a night performer: your form highlights come during the night between the setting and the rising of the sun. This is difficult to live with if you have to go to high school or college in the morning like everyone else! It is therefore vital to manage your energy. C/D suggests adapted solutions.
ChronoDynamie® gives an understanding of certain problems that can be met with and avoids the worsening of a difficult situation.
There is always a good moment during the day - morning, afternoon or the evening - where study will bring the best results.
ChronoDynamie® also explains when it is possible to go beyond one's limits and gives an indication when it is essential to take rest, if only for a few minutes, to avoid breakdown.

You will know exactly when it is in your interests to get working in order to obtain real productivity which links activity and efficiency.

An indispensable leisure rhythm
You will know the best moments in which to rest, to relax, to take up sport or to cultivate your mind.

A better professional orientation in line with your possibilities, adapted to new possibilities of chosen time and shared work.

Your ChronoDynamie® enables you to acquire organizational and work habits which will help you throughout your school, university and professional life. It is a method of time optimization which will help you to succeed during this important period of your life by keeping your energy for what is essential.

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