by Marie-Hélène Le Doze, author of ChronoDynamie®

My initial research was carried out in September 1991 when I  nearly died during two hospitalizations to treat very bad asthma attacks.

I tried to find the best times daily to take my own medicines which are necessary for my survival, together with the phytotherapy capsules which completed the allopathic treatment.

I knew the main aspects of chronobiology, but  felt that I didn't correspond to the standards. Tests which I had carried out on persons interested in my method showed that each individual had his own personal chemistry according to the hours of the day or night.

The application of the hours which I found (see below) enabled me very quickly to divide my allopathic treatment by four. The results have been permanent as I haven't suffered a relapse since July 1991.

  When I had a serious health problem in 1993, I was able to avoid hospitalization which is always disruptive in a family. I took the prescribed treatment at the times when they were most beneficial to me and I got the physiotherapist to come during these hours. When he came at other times he was obliged to admit that his treatment "had no effect".

This enabled me to confirm my method. I can sincerely say that I would not be alive today  if I hadn't set up ChronoDynamie® which enables me to have a healthy life style at my own rhythm, and without need of the heavy medication which I had frequently known over 45 years.

 I hope you will enjoy life as I do...

My own example :

This is my personal Plus Energy Card, I use two hours during the day to take my medecines. One in the morning at 10:00 in Winter (11h in Summer time) concentrates the good energies of my Venus, Sun and Moon planets. In the evening at 20:20 (21:20 at summer time), I use Neptun energy as I am a Pisces and it's my best planet ! I never take my medecines at noon as it is usually told by doctors "morning, noon and evening", because I have no planets working at the middle of the day and in the hospital I noticed none of the health care had effect on me at that time.

My asthma crisis used to come about 4:00 at the end of the night, just at my Uranus time ! Now, instead of being depressed or insomnic or anguished, I get up every morning at that hour and work very well, much better than before when I thought I was obliged to work all day long as we are supposed so !

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