In the night from the 13 to February 14, 1992,I had the idea of ChronoDynamie®. Therefore I regard St. Valentine's day as patron saint of my management timing system. To know to manage your forces, allows you to respect those of the others. Well organize your life makes it possible to better live with your love, children, friends, family, colleagues, customers, the company, the world. To have time for oneself is to have some for the others. Because time is shared love.

Why did I invent the ChronoDynamie® Timing System ? or my 92' Valentine's DAY

by Marie-Hélène Le Doze

Being untidy by nature I was always looking for a way to be better organized. Looking over my life-style, I realized that I found my liberty by setting up my own constraints.

The right to be lazy:

I always thought that I was very lazy: I liked to have long hours to myself in order to read, write, or dream. I was always late. I didn't get some jobs because I couldn't get up early enough, or because I had to clock in: just the thought of clocking in made me late...
But I realized that this chronic laziness, linked to a chronic asthma complaint which I'd had since I was five, made me the sort of person who achieved more than most of the people around me, people who were healthy and in constant activity, which, to me, often seemed like useless agitation ("much ado about nothing").

Good organization:

I therefore concluded that the right to laziness and the need to use each of my actions wisely  because of breathing difficulties required good organization and a certain method to manage these constraints. Because whether I liked it or not I was obliged to respect the life around me, particularly when I had children.

I have always been interested in the possibility of doing boring work as quickly as possible, the things we have to do each day in order to live (housework, washing, hygiene, cooking, etc.) and to have time available for what  I liked, such as studying, research, working (yes, work is a pleasure for me).

During my studies in Paris:

I passed my philosophy high school diploma (baccalaureate) by working and revising from 5 to 7 every morning, for three weeks before the exam.

I then obtained my Certificate in General Literature (previously called propedeutique) from the Sorbonne University, again by working for 21 days and not one more, for the two hours a day after my work as a primary school teacher.
I used to say that I revised for my exams for the same time as a hen sits on its eggs.

An essential  reference book:

A book edited by  the Rosicrucians (AMORC), where my mother was a member, had, as from 1965, led me to the idea of an optimal time for certain activities: Self-control and Destiny within Life cycles (Rosicrucian Editions).

I applied the method during my studies at Vincennes Experimental University and in four years from January 69 to November 72 I obtained two BA degrees in  sociology and law, as well as an MA in sociology.

An unorthodox cursus:

I worked very hard during the last two months of the university year, between April 20 and June 20 more or less, when the sun was going through the signs of Taurus and Gemini, having a strong capacity for acquiring knowledge in Taurus solar energy, and for written and spoken expression under Gemini, which corresponds to the traditional symbol of these signs.

I did a lot of other things apart from the University work for the rest of the year and worked whenever possible (in particular during the two-month Paris Haute-Couture Collections) as my grant was not sufficient to cover my living expenses. I went out a great deal and cultivated myself, etc.

I began a doctorate in Human Sciences, but dropped it and had children instead... I left the Faculty, town life, the cultural surroundings where I was at ease, but which did not completely satisfy me. I moved to the Pyrenees (Ariège mountain  region of southern France) where I gave birth to my first two daughters.

What stimulated ChronoDynamie® research: 1991

In 1991 I faced death three times. I was thus led to think over what was necessary for survival.

Crises at regular times:

I had had asthma crises for 40 years which were a heavy handicap. These crises were always at certain times: 4 a.m. or during the morning or the evening. Since the 1960s, chronobiology has been studying these particular rhythms which are known to therapists in acupuncture and homeopathy. This seemed to me to correspond to the difficult aspects of my birth sign and I"d been aware of this chronic observation for a long time ...(to know more about it). 

Other health problems:

I'd lost the ability to sleep naturally for several years.  I was obliged to take tranquilizers which deprived me of self-possession.  When I confronted death, when I knew I had three children to raise alone and that I could only rely on myself, I decided I absolutely had to bring myself back to life and health again.

For a better effectiveness in medical appointments and prescriptions:

In August 91, a client of my ADVISORY SERVICE, was looking for a way to be more efficient in his profession of relaxology. He asked me to see, through his astrological theme, what were the best times for appointments with his clients and the best moments for taking the phytotherapy capsules produced by a laboratory working with practitioners of natural medicine.

I had myself to follow a daily treatment given me by the pneumologist when I was hospitalized in July 91 so the question had become a vital one for me.

A family problem:

My daughter Coralie had a serious problem in September 91 when she had a nervous  breakdown and could not go back to college. She asked me if she could instead follow a correspondence course provided by CNED (the television and radio broadcasts provided by the French National Education system). I agreed, in spite of the probable difficulties, as her health was at stake and the matter was urgent.

I was therefore confronted suddenly with her time management and the need for her work and leisure to be well organized, the necessity  for a good methodology, all of which was not easy for a young girl of 14 already fed up with learning and school.   

Another client's request:

An  official working in the Department of Health in the Town Hall of a large city was trying to seek the most effective methods for his way of approach, actions and suggestions in order the better to assume his social, professional, family and personal responsibilities. Up to that time he had been helped by astrology in dealing with some of his problems, but it had not been really useful as regards his daily and practical requirements.

This was one of my preoccupations: how to make astrology practicable in daily life. I had, in fact, been looking for several years for a tool which would help everyone to be responsible for themselves in the here and now, in our lives on this planet.

Specialized in depth research:

Motivated by all these difficult problems during 1991 I had to look for other solutions.

I was looking, looking, looking... between August 91 and February 92.

I first of all tested certain lunar rhythms, with the conjunctions of the moon on the birth theme. Results were interesting, but the method was complicated and both my relaxology client and myself felt that there were other possibilities.

A practical and easy tool:

And then, during Saint Valentine's night in 1992, I woke up as usual at 4 a.m. and I had the intuition that I should use solar rhythms which returned each day during the earth's rotation on itself rather than lunar rhythms which were too fluid.

I had managed to find the key: the correspondence between the hours of the day and the degrees of the birth theme (If you wish to know more).

As from this idea, I collated the numerous data which comprise the method (registered as secret up to 2001).

The consequences:

For me:

Of course, just like Hahnemann and his assistants had done in homeopathy, I experimented ChronoDynamie® on myself before testing it on my family and private clients. I tested it thoroughly and constantly before making it public knowledge.

I no longer have asthma - I am not cured of course, but I know how to manage my illness to perfection: I take my daily treatment according to my ChronoDynamie®. I have divided all my medicines by four...and I have not had an alert since my latest hospitalization in July 1991.
I managed to wean myself from both tranquilizers and cortisone.

I have found spontaneous, natural sleep again.

I confronted the arrival of the menopause serenely. I appreciated the possibility of accepting on-coming age which was a witness of my evolution, in harmony with the great natural rhythms of life.

I'm never unpunctual and I'm sometimes even in advance of programs and fixed objectives.

I was terrified by a blank page: now, I don't stop writing and I am working on my own life.

I have never felt so well, liberated from imposed constraints, and happy through respecting my personal rhythms.

For my eldest daughters and first students:

Coralie found hope and love for life again. She was able to get through the year in spite of family dramas, and in spite of everyone's opinion that this 'abnormal' scholastic program would be a failure. She says that it was difficult but that she had overcome these difficulties herself.

Melanie, who had no particular problems, was able to have more leisure time. She studied well and does a number of things such as travel and sport.

The first group of students who followed the method had good results. Some of them who had been considered failures managed to obtain their school leaving certificate at first go, to the great surprise of their teachers, friends and parents.

Numerous possibilities for everyone

I was particularly interested in studies as they are an essential period in life.
I then loved on to
 Business and professional life
 Family and personal life
 To sport and pastimes
 To artistic creation, creativity

For you:

ChronoDynamie® enables you to know  your energy cycles. You can therefore draw maximum profit from maximum periods of energy. You will know what is the best time of day for studying, creating, negotiating, writing, visiting your clients, doing your accounts, going out, relaxing, or for sport. ChronoDynamie® is an opportunity for establishing a wide timetable according to the activities in your personal, family or professional life. It will help you to organize your life freely and with greater awareness.

ChronoDynamie® represents your 'personal tide hours'. You don't go out to sea when it's low tide. Learn how to swim with the current of your life. Good sailing!

Marie-Hélène Le Doze

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