The author :
Marie-Hélène Le Doze

portrait par Bruno CohenMarie-Hélène Le Doze, born March 3, 1946 at 10.00. Lives in Bretagne (France). Three daughters. Studied Sociology, Law, Political Science, Philosophy at the Sorbonne, Paris - Assas (law school) and Paris-8 Vincennes.

"ChronoDynamie® is the result of my research to alleviate my own problems of being out of step and desynchronized in my time management. I looked for new ways of organizing work (and leisure) time in order to find solutions to the problems of a world in crises. The results went beyond my hopes.

I myself was able to recover my energy through my C/D®. I live in a thatched cottage in Brittany which harmonizes with the sea and countryside. I work very early in the morning on my beloved Macintosh et have a siesta in the afternoon. Sometimes I go swimming, cycling as far as the creek, without ever reproaching myself for taking time to do so.

Because this enables me to think things over and to come up with a lot of ideas which I can set down at dawn when most people are still sleeping.

I can do more things now in 3 or 4 hours than I used to do in 10 or 12.. And I've done in tive years what I couldn't finish in thirty...

I really wihes you enjoy life as I do with ChronoDynamie®, eat well, sleep well, work well, rest well and be happy."


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"Carpe Diem", pluck the day, profit from the passing moment.
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ChronoDynamie® Conception and graphics by Marie-Hélène Le Doze. Translated by Penelope Dulling

Picture by Bruno Cohen