Each person follows an individual rhythm :

Are you a work alcoholic like Albert Einstein
or do you wake up late like Bob Dylan ?

Are you very motivated like Hillary Clinton
or up and down like Bill Clinton ?

ChronoDynamie services can tell you.

You note your appointments in your organizer,
you take care of your nutrition to preserve your health,
you do sport to keep fitness, you take care of yourself,
but do you know your own rhythms to plan your work ou holidays ? Rhythms are not used enough.

ChronoDynamie® :

A site full of graphs and figures which, in spite of their dry appearance, are full of life and contain treasures of optimism for the future: a site where you will find

ChronoDynamie®, activity without tiredness, efficacity without stress, performance without drugs !
Energy for business, studies, fitness, health, handicaps, family, woman, baby, school, retirement, sport, travel, navigation...

You can download pages of text onto your hard disc for ease of reading off line.

Internet consulting Service : Timing System Through Individual Rhythms

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 N.B. The author and the editor can not be held responsible for the use or abuse of ChronoDynamie® through the techniques and advice given here. C/D® is not a medical method and can in no way be considered a substitute for any prescribed therapy or treatment. It is a complementary management tool which allows for a better use of all existing techniques by applying them to the relevant hours, days and periods. A personal service.

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